Verify signature

Single Signature

The signature image is visible inside the Form

The easiest way is to just open the Form as an Editor. You should be prompted about a valid signature

If not prompted, you can use Validate current form in the add-on menu

Or follow the below instructions:


  1. Add "" as an Editor on the document in your Google Drive (no notification required)
  2. Open the document and copy the URL from the address bar
  3. Paste the URL in the box on the left
  4. The validity result will be displayed
  5. Remove "" as an Editor on the document

Multiple Signatures

Signature images are visible in the Form's Response Sheet


  1. Open your Form
  2. Click Responses - this lets you see the responses in the Form
  3. Click the green Sheets icon to open the Response Spreadsheet

In the Response Sheet

  1. Locate the response you want to verify
  2. Hover your mouse over the View signature link, and click the address that appears

Now viewing the signature

  1. You'll now be able to see the signature for this respondent's submission
  2. Hover and click (like we did to get to this page) the Check this signature link above the signature image to check its validity