We will add to this page as issues arise. Please let us know if you have any errors!

General permission reset

General errors can be a result of incomplete permissions. The first thing we recommend for nearly every error is as follows

  • Find Signature in the list, and click on it

  • Click Remove Access
  • Now you can re-open your Form

  • Close Signature if open

  • Open Signature, and you'll be prompted to give permission (pictured)

If you aren't prompted for permission, please revisit from the first step

  • Accept the access/permission requests

  • We recommend cancelling and re-creating any Signatures, so they'll have all the right permissions

Multiple Signature Response Sheet "#ERROR"


Make sure Multiple Signatures is turned on for the affected Form/Sheet combo, and the next Form Response will fix all cells with #ERROR

"#ERROR" is a language error within the formula used in Google Sheets

Some languages use a comma ( , ) to separate arguments, and others use a semi-colon ( ; ). Google does a pretty good job at switching between the two, but it's not perfect

We use commas by default as it is generally the more common format

Remedy if you don't want to turn multiple signatures back on

  • click on the cell to edit the formula
  • replace any comma ( , ) with a semi-colon ( ; )

Won't open - stuck at "checking.."

Usually this means permissions haven't come through completely

We recommend uninstalling, and reinstalling the add-on to get the security prompts to appear. It only takes about 30 seconds

To uninstall, follow the steps at


You'll see that the "Add" button in the marketplace will now say "Uninstall"

When you follow those steps again to reinstall, take note of whether you receive the Google security pop-up, and ensure you accept it

(If you look at the Youtube video in the above link, you'll see the prompts appear about 25 seconds in)

It may pop up when you first try to open the add-on, rather than when it's installed

If you don't get any security prompt, it might be blocked by your browser. We recommend Chrome, but any current browser should be fine. Internet Explorer isn't recommended

Problems with signing

No signature

A signatory will see this screen in the following cases

  • The person who requested the signature has since deleted their request; if so, this isn't an error


  • We couldn't automatically pair the signatory with the signature request


The Form editor chose one of two options which have different solutions

  • Email them for me | the signatory was sent an email from us - this email contains a code. Copy and paste, or enter that code in box provided to continue
  • I'll contact them myself | the signatory wasn't sent anything directly by us - the default Google account in your browser is the one we check for signing. If you have more then one account logged-in, you might come across this screen. You can log-out of Google, then log back in with the signing account, or open a "private" or "incognito" window, jump straight to, then return to your existing Form tab and continue

Access error

A signatory will see this screen if we no longer have access to the Editor's Form. We need access to be able to append the signature to the Form and/or Response Sheet

This is a result of us being removed as Editors/Contributors. Removal is usually a manual process, but if you are the Editor and are coming across this regularly, please check if you have any other apps which might change permissions on your Google files


We provide a note which will pop-up when the Editor opens the add-on. The Editor will need to remove and recreate the signature request which will reapply the necessary access rights

Form isn't accepting signatures

A signatory will see this screen on a Multiple Signature attempt if the Form Editor has 0 signatures remaining

It is also given if a link is used which refers to any form which isn't accepting Multiple Signatures


The Form Editor can obtain more signatures, and signing will automatically continue

Already signed

A signatory will see this screen on a Multiple Signature attempt if the most recent response has already been signed

This occurs where another person has finished the Form and clicked the link at the end labelled: Please add your signature by following this link:

Clicking that link reserves a spot for your signature. Basically, someone skipped ahead and you lost your turn


We're currently working on a way to set a new link for each Form response

Until then, the answer is to re-do the Form. When you Submit your answers, click the Please add your signature by following this link: link as soon as possible

As soon as you click it, you're guaranteed a spot (as long as the Form's Editor has signatures available, and you didn't spend too long between submitting the Form and clicking) and you can take as long as you like to draw your signature