Trust is the key to our product

Everything we do is in order to maximise trust

We aim to hold the minimum amount of information required to allow us to provide our services

We never release, copy-to, or otherwise provide your information to any third party unless absolutely required to to provide our service to you, or by New Zealand law or that of another state with jurisdiction

Any person about which we hold information has the absolute right to ask us to amend, modify, or permanently erase their information. We will comply with their request as soon as possible

Personal information we hold

Email addresses

We store email addresses for document creators, referred to as editors. Editors' email addresses are used to identify the editor and provide their information when requested by the app

We also store email addresses for signatories when a document Editor chooses Single Signature. Editors provide the signatory's email address along with any request for a signature. We use this email address to notify the signatory that a signature has been requested, and as a unique identifier to provide the correct information

Long term, we store these email addresses in an encrypted, unreadable format with the hash of the document that was signed. Being encrypted, they can not be read. When a document is verified, they are decrypted and presented along with the signature's time stamp as credence for the verification - you can see that the details match the document being verified


We temporarily store full names of signatories when a document Editor chooses Single Signature. Editors provide a full name along with any request for a signature. This name is appended to the signature that is eventually created

How long information is held for

Editor email addresses

Human-readable Editors' email address are held until the editor requests that it is deleted. We also periodically delete inactive records without notice. If an Editor's record is deleted and they return, a new record is created for them

We keep this human-readable to allow quicker support and troubleshooting if required

Only the Director of Gigaccounting Ltd is able to see these addresses

Signatories' names and email addresses

Human-readable details are collected when provided by the Editor on requesting a signature using the Single Signature product

No signatory details are held for the Multiple Signatures product - we do however maintain a "bot" account which can read the Form's Response Sheet, including responses and signatory details. This is to enable us to re-verify any previous signature. The "bot" account is unmanned and only accessible by the Director of Gigaccounting Ltd. if absolutely required

As above, these are kept human-readable to allow quicker support and troubleshooting

When the Single Signature has been completed

  • we permanently delete the name
  • we store an encrypted (unreadable) copy of the email address against the hash of the signature

When an Editor cancels a signature request, both the name and email address are permanently deleted

In these cases, the deletions and encryption are done immediately by the program

Where is information held

We store all data in Google products, so information is stored in Google servers internationally

We are absolutely confident in Google's data privacy policies

Data is stored in an account that can be accessed only by the Director of Gigaccounting Ltd.

For signatures made with the Multiple Signatures product, we maintain access to data via a "bot" account. The data is stored with the Form's Editor however, inside their Google products

Who has access

In normal circumstances, no person will view personal information

Where it is necessary for a manual change to be made, for instance if you ask us to delete your information, this will be done by the Director of Gigaccounting Ltd.

The Director will also be the person who liaises with you about the manual change

A legitimate legal authority who has jurisdiction over us or you may also demand information. We will comply to the extent we are required to

Third party

We use Stripe to process payments

When you purchase more signatures, we provide Stripe your email address. This is to ensure that when payment is made, the purchased signatures can be applied to your account. We don't provide any other personal details to Stripe

Similarly, Stripe don't provide us any personal information other than the email address we provided them. We never see anything to do with your credit card

Amend or delete

Any person about which we hold information has the absolute right to ask us to amend or delete their information, and we will comply with their requests as soon as possible

We use email addresses as true identities. You simply need to email us from the account about which the change is regarding