• 10 signatures when you install the add-on

  • If your balance is under 3 at the end of the month, we'll top you back up to 3

  • A free top-up will reset any branding to ours

To buy:

No purchase needed - you have full features from the very start when you install the add-on

Small purchase

  • $0.15 USD per signature

  • $0.25 USD processing charge per checkout session

  • No minimum quantity

  • Optional: Replace our branding with your own image

Ideal for purchase quantities of under 100

To buy:

Use the Get more signatures option in the add-on sidebar

You're alerted if your purchase would be more affordable as a bulk-buy, and can visit the bulk-buy page from the purchasing area


  • $0.05 USD per signature

  • No processing charge

  • 300 minimum quantity

  • Optional: Replace our branding with your own image

Great for when you're happy with the operation of the add-on and would like to buy a bigger bundle

300 at this rate is the same price as 100 at the "small purchases" rate

To buy:

Visit our bulk-buy page and complete the checkout

You will have to have logged-in to the add-on before purchasing - we check that the account you input exists!


  • $0.005 USD per signature

  • No processing charge

  • 1,800 minimum quantity

(Note they are sold as "six-packs" so only enter "300" if you'd like to receive 1,800)
  • Optional: Replace our branding with your own image

A favorite - schools and not-for-profit enterprises are eligible for a fantastic discount

To buy:

Tell us a little about your enterprise

After you receive our approval message, use the bulk-buy page going forward

What is my "Available Balance"?

Signature purchases are "pure" pre-pay. Each purchase is a one-off transaction that simply adds to your balance.

You can find your balance at the top of the add-on sidebar after logging-in.

Your available balance is effectively a pool from which any of your Forms will draw upon when activated for signing.

When are "signatures" consumed?

  • Single Signature

    • Each Form that you activate signing in consumes one signature from your balance. Cancelling the request refunds one.

  • Multiple Signatures

    • Each signed Form Response (recorded at the "Upload" step of the signing process) consumes one from your balance. The response can contain any number of signatures/images, but we only count one for billing

When will my available balance expire?

They don't! You can consume your balance at any rate you like.

Where your Branding appears

Or if you're using the free or default branding, where our branding appears!
Carousel imageCarousel imageCarousel image

Single Signature

  • Invitation email - banner near the top of the email

  • Introduction page - when the user visits the signing link, they see who sent the request etc., along with your logo banner near the top of the page

  • Signing page - when they use the green buttons, your branding will appear at the top

(We're making the signing page for this more similar to how it appears with Multiple Signatures below)

Multiple Signatures

  • Signing page - when your users visit your Form and use the green button to open the signing page, your branding will appear in the centre for a moment, then will be moved up the page.

This means that even on very small screens which would normally just show the signing box, it'll be visible for a moment regardless.

  • Signature View page - when a single response is viewed your logo appears at the top-left

  • Dashboard Pages - All dashboard pages now include your branding, so if you Print for archiving it'll show your own logo