Signing - sent by other

Where the signatory has a Google account, the person requesting the signature can advise them using any method


The first time a signatory clicks the link in a document to add their signature, they will need to authorise Signature log-in

This allows us to view the signatory's email address from their Google account

Since we didn't send anything to the signatory, we check their email address against what we were expecting to verify we've got the right person

Any future signatures won't need to be re-authorised

The actual signature

The document will have a link for the signatory to follow. It's all done in their internet browser window

This is accompanied by a required question confirming they followed the link

Signing is straightforward; just draw in the box and click Confirm signature

After signing, the signatory can close the signature page tab and continue

Back in the document

The signature is appended to the document immediately. The signatory will see this in the next section

We show the full name, email and timestamp right on the signture image