Other actions

Please scroll within the Other actions menu to find all the options

Single Signature - verify

If you're currently viewing a Form that was signed using the Single Signature mode, this function lets you confirm that the signature is valid.

We confirm that the entire content of the document, including every pixel in the signature, match the hash of the document at the time it was signed.

For Multiple Signature Forms, please view the individual responses' "Signature" links from the Form's Responses area or the Response Sheet.

Check other documents

This will open our general checking page where you can test other Single Signature Forms as long as we're provided access.

Update branding

If you have more than the free level of signatures you can change your branding across the signing pages for all your Forms.

See where your branding will appear, and a convenient way to host your image using Drive.

You can preview before committing to the new image.

Transfer signatures

Do you have some spare signatures? You can use this feature to give them to another user of the add-on!

Simply enter the recipient's email address (case sensitive), and Check Account.

We'll make sure that person already exists in our database, so your signatures won't get lost.

You'll then see the "Transfer ready" box.

This shows you how many signatures you each have. Enter the number you'd like to send, then click Transfer.

They'll receive the signatures immediately. If they had the add-on open at the time they won't see their number update. But when they close and re-open it they'll be there.