Dashboard - Multiple Signatures (new)

Opening the Dashboard

Visit your Response Sheet, and click any Signature link to view that response's signature.

Then use the "Dashboard" button to open your dashboard

  • If you're logged-in with more than one account, right-click the button and "Open link in incognito window"
  • This will redirect you to a Google log-in page
  • Once you're logged-in, you're forwarded to the Dashboard
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Choose the Responses to manage

You're provided with a list of your Forms that have Multiple Signatures (new) turned on.

There are three view-styles to choose from. You can switch Form or view style by using the top right menu.

If your Form isn't listed, signing has been turned off. You can still access the responses without turning signing back on:

  • Add "multisignaturebot@gmail.com" as an Editor in the Response Sheet
  • Visit the "Form Responses" tab in the Response Sheet, and copy the URL from the address bar
  • Paste that URL in the box on the page

View styles

Note every page has a Print button at the top right

Individual view

A single response will be displayed at a time. The verification is re-checked and result displayed.

Use the controls at the top of the screen, or your keyboard arrows, to navigate up or down. Or enter a number to skip to a specific response.

List view

Provides every response, one after the other. Effectively repeating the individual view in a long list. The verification is similarly re-checked.

Printing page-breaks are placed to help separate responses.

Table view

Work in progress - will be available soon!

This will organise the questions in to columns, similar to the Response Sheet itself. The data will be able to be sorted and filtered.

Overall it will allow for a more compact printing experience than the List view.