multiple signatures classic

Please try the new version: Multiple signatures

Multiple Signatures Classic has limited capacity

Recent changes to the Google Apps Script platform have imposed extra limits on the processing time we can use. This Classic version is very process heavy, so it has been the most effected. We've disabled the creation of new Forms with Multiple Signatures Classic.

The new version doesn't suffer from the same limits!

We'll work on alternate methods of processing to make this available again.

See Single Signature for One Google Form to be signed by one specific person (high validity)

You can use the Multiple Signatures Dashboard to follow up your users for replacement signatures if necessary

We recommend switching to a new Form when you reach 500 signatures

We have seen an error where a Response Sheet becomes unavailable after several hundred signatures.

While very rare, we recommend changing to a new Form and Response Sheet on occasion. They don't use up any space in your Drive.

Pick signatory detail questions

The signing page will ask for the signatory's full name and email address

You're probably already asking for these details in your Form, so you can save your signatory some time by setting those questions here. Then your respondents' answers will be pre-populated on the signing page. Neat!

Just start typing the title of your relevant title, and pick the match

My question isn't appearing in the list of suggestions when I start typing

Click Refresh choices and it'll read your questions again. Or just type something wrong, we'll refresh it in the background, and you can try it again

Submitting won't use any of your tokens. It just opens up your Form to accept signatures

Only when a signature is drawn and completed will a token be consumed

Multi fields

Show signatures in-line?

Choose how you'd like the signatures to be presented in the Response Sheet

Checked - Show signatures inline

  • Best option if you need to print or export a PDF of the responses

  • Rows in the Response Spreadsheet include the signature image

  • The links to individual signature sheets, and validation checking, are all still present as they are if you choose not to show signatures in-line

  • The amount of images on-screen can make scrolling and navigating a bit more difficult

  • If you're not sure, we recommend un-checking this box. If you change your mind, just cancel and reinstate the multi-signature with the box checked, and add a response and signature. It'll look back and put all previous signatures in-line too, even if they weren't there before

Un-Checked - Don't show signatures inline

  • Best option if you don't need to print or export the responses

  • Easier navigation - particularly for large volumes of signatures

  • Each response row contains a link to the corresponding signature - which is saved on a different sheet

  • If you want to see the signature images in-line in future, just cancel and reinstate the multi-signature with the box checked, and add a response and signature. It'll look back and put all previous signatures in-line too

Quick tips for inline signatures

You can move the columns we create, but their headings in row 1 must remain unchanged

You can delete the signature images if they're no longer needed, i.e. if you needed to print them, but now want to get rid of them so it's easier to navigate on-screen (remember to cancel and reinstate with show inline un-checked - otherwise the next signature will put them all back in there again)

If you delete the column containing the signature images, the images will remain. Select them and delete individually before deleting the column

Never delete the column containing the "View signature" links - this is where we know to look for the signature image

Enable Response Receipts


Unlike a Single Signature, the respondent's signature image isn't included in the Form when it's submitted. They won't get to see it again. Still, we recommend you set Collect email addresses and Response receipts to Always

When the signatory submits the form, they get a full copy emailed to them, without their signature image

We aren't able to set this for you unfortunately

Click the Cog icon in your Form to get this menu

Accepting signatures

When you confirm these details, we:

  • Add our main signature bot as an Editor on the Form

  • Add our multi signature bot as an Editor on the Form and its Response Sheet

The bots handle signatures and append them to the Response Sheet. The main bot is removed when you cancel the signatures, but the multi signature bot remains. This is so it can verify any existing signatures in future

  • Add our signing link to the confirmation message

After submitting a response, your signatory is presented with the confirmation message. They can click the link we've added there to continue to the signature drawing page

Cancel signatures

Now that the form is open to receiving signatures, the Add single signature and Accept multiple signatures buttons have been replaced with a Cancel signatures button

See more about cancelling