multiple signatures BETA

Brand new product!

Some features may change - please let us know your thoughts

Usage: A Google Form that can be signed by many people

Verification saying "Could not verify..."

We're fine-tuning the verification checker. Keep receiving responses and the update will happen automatically for you.


There are only two options when setting up

Make compatible with "Autocrat"

Note this has been updated so the quality doesn't need to be reduced.

See more on our Working with other add-ons page.

Limit for the number of signatures per Form Response

This limits the per-response limit, not the overall limit for the Form.

You'll note this version frees up the message at the end of the Form so you can put your own content there:

Have a link in the "Confirmation Message" area at the end of the Form

Often you'll want to redirect your user to somewhere else after they finish the Form. Using a normal link will mean they're still stuck in the app - or may not load at all.

Instead, add this to the front your link:

It will force the browser to quit the add-on and load the link properly.

Example usage:

How to distribute the Form to your users

When you turn on signing, you're required to click a button before the setup finishes. This copies a link to your clipboard.

The link that was copied can be given to your users to complete both the Form, and signature. You can also embed the Form in a page - continue reading the help on this page to see how.

To get this link again, open the add-on and navigate to "See pending". Find your Form in the list and click the Copy Link button.

Working with other add-ons

Visit the Working with other add-ons page.

Currently we've got implementations for Autocrat and formMule.

Please let us know what other add-ons you'd like to use and we'll make it work.

Embedding your Form in another page

You can display the link to your Form in a couple of interesting ways.

To show the actual Form for signing, try this code on your webpage:

You can alter the "style" attributes to fit your page better - these settings should work for most people

<iframe style="min-height:600px;width:100%;height:100%;border:none;" src="Link copied from the add-on"></iframe>

To just present the long link as a tidy labelled link:

<a href="Link copied from the add-on">Click here</a>


We'll be writing more help about this over the period of the Beta

We've taken feedback about the Multiple Signatures product and built a new version from the ground up.

It's totally free for the month of May 2020 so you can use it as much as you like. Let us know what you think of it!

Key new features:

  • Camera
    • You can use your camera to take snaps of ID documents to go along with signatures!
    • Or to take a photo of your drawn signature, if preferred
    • Or any other use you can think of!

  • Signature is drawn before the end of the Form
    • No missed signatures - users can't finish the Form without signing
    • No link at the end - you can write your own message
    • Users will know immediately if they can sign the Form. No more reaching the end, only to find there aren't any signatures available

  • Receive many signatures in a single response
    • For example, the whole team can sign the site report
    • Can be limited

  • Signing transfer/hand-off/sharing to other devices
    • The signing page includes a QR code so you can sign on another device
    • Useful if you're using a PC for the Form, but want to sign with your phone
    • Works with many signatures per response, so for example you can get your team to use their own devices to sign! Great for remaining contact-less

  • Works with other popular add-ons
    • formMule and Autocrat are incredibly popular add-ons - so we've built with these in mind
    • We're writing guides for common usage scenarios. Check back in the How-to section for more details

  • View signature link
    • The link to view the signature now includes much more details including questions and answers signed, and validation of these details

  • Validation
    • We've re-written our validation protocol to be much more robust. Whenever the signature is viewed, it's re-checked against the original details
    • If you turn "Response receipts" on, your end users will receive this link and can print their own copy. It's styled to look like a Response in Google Forms

  • Overall speed improvement: Signatures are appended immediately. No more waiting as in the Classic version

  • Enhanced privacy
    • We already take privacy seriously, but this new version allows us to be even further removed from your users' information. No personal information is ever stored by us in this new version
In Multiple Signatures Classic, if access to your Response Sheet was unavailable we would put the signature image in our database so it wasn't lost. You can visit the dashboard and place it in your Sheet, which deletes it from the database. This backup method isn't used in the new method. We don't let your user finish the Form without the signature being securely in your Response Sheet!

What about the features from Multiple Signatures Classic?

  • Show inline
    • A similar viewing style will be implemented shortly
    • It will be in the "Dashboard" - which you will be able to access by viewing the link of any signature (you can see the inactive button now)
    • The website viewing style will be much easier to scroll and print than the spreadsheet

  • Name/email address pre-populate on signing page
    • Pre-population similar to the Classic version won't be implemented
    • Simply ask those questions in your Form. They'll be included as part of the verification process, and each visit to the Signature link will present these details along with the signature
    • Your users can optionally fill-in the text boxes available within the menu on the signing page

  • Submit another response
    • No button yet - you can refresh the page responding to load a new response

incompatible with "File upload" questions

The standard file upload question type will not work with Multiple Signatures Beta.

Google does not allow the accounts page to load unless it's via their own links directly unfortunately.

Enable Response Receipts


Recommended to be set to Always

Your recipient will receive a link as part of their answer which will include their entire response and signature. They can print out their own copy

We aren't able to set this for you unfortunately

Click the Cog icon in your Form to get this menu

Accepting signatures

When you confirm these details, we:

  • Add our main signature bot as an Editor on the Form
  • Add our multi signature bot as an Editor on the Form and its Response Sheet

The bots handle signatures and append them to the Response Sheet. The main bot is removed when you cancel the signatures, but the multi signature bot remains. This is so it can verify any existing signatures in future

  • Add our signing link to the confirmation message

After submitting a response, your signatory is presented with the confirmation message. They can click the link we've added there to continue to the signature drawing page

Cancel signatures

Now that the form is open to receiving signatures, the Add single signature and Accept multiple signatures buttons have been replaced with a Cancel signatures button

See more about cancelling