Manage Multiple Signatures classic

Open the Dashboard

  • Visit your Response Sheet

In your Form, go to Responses, then click the square green icon with a white cross

  • Click the header "Signature App - signed"

Or any of the "Pending" links

Signatures not placed

Sometimes we couldn't find the right row to place a signature in your spreadsheet

You can manually pick out a "Pending" row and place the signature there

Or just delete the signature image if not needed

Email template

Some people might not have followed the link at the end of the Form to add their signature, leaving you with "Pending" items instead of signatures

You can very easily send reminder emails. Customise the template here! Save it for later, or load the one you've already saved

Add personalized items

You can use a response's own answers in the template by using four numbers together, representing a column in your Response Sheet

The first column is 0000, and is usually the timestamp

The second column is 1111

Give it a try, and use the "Preview email for" button to see it in action!

email now - or get links

All of your "Pending", unsigned lines show up here, ready for action

You can use the little left and right arrows to scroll through their response information

The "Email address" column shows what address will be used with the "Email" button - we try to find the email address automatically but you can flip through yourself, or manually type anything in

Click "Email" to open up a draft email, pre-populated with the template from above

Or click "Copy link" to get just the signing link for that response ready to paste somewhere else

Manage response sheet

After you've got some responses, you might like to take some further action

Click to read more

Clear signature image column

If your signature images on the main page are getting in the way, or are out of alignment, you can clear them out

Use the "Delete "Signature App - signature" column" button to remove them

If they're really off-centre, you might need to use the "Delete ALL images on response tab". This will remove all the images from the "Responses Sheet" - just that one tab in the spreadsheet

Show signature images inline

If you want to display all the signature images on the "Responses Sheet", you can use this. Particularly useful if you removed them using the previous buttons

Fill in missing "Pending" links

If you have any gaps or responses without a "Pending" link, use this

Add plain view links

Creates a column with basic links to show just the signature itself. Useful for mail merge tools like formMule

It will give you a link for every signed response. You can return here and use it again when you receive new responses. It's not automatic yet.

The links open a page with just the signature image. Anyone you give the link to will be able to see the image, but they can't see anyone else's

For formMule, try this in your email template:

<a href="<<Signature App - single view>>">Signature</a>

Hide the Full Name and Email address box

If your users don't need to see the "Full name and Email address" input box when visiting the signing page, it can be prevented from appearing

Useful for internal Forms, or where those details are not appropriate

Hide the "Skip" button on the Full Name and Email address box

To only present the "Confirm" button, you can hide the "Skip" button. On a technical level, they both do the same thing. But if "Skip" isn't present, the user will be more likely to fill in those details

Hide the link to submit another response

If you don't want people to be able to easily return to the Form to add a new response after signing, you can hide that link here