Get more signatures


Some months you'll need lots of signatures, some you won't need any

Our signatures are pre-pay. No monthly subscription; just buy some and use them as and when you like

Price: $0.15 USD per signature, and a card transaction fee of $0.25

If you need more than 300, or are a school or not for profit, use the bulk-buy option

Why buy?

Aside from just needing more, buying lets you replace our logo/branding with yours

See where your logo will appear here

Free tier

We understand! You don't have to buy anything. On the first of each month we'll top you up to 3 for free

Free users will have our logo displayed on the signing page



Add a URL to your own logo in the Link to your branding box

Click Preview to see what your signatories will see. If Link to your branding is empty, you'll see our branding

When you're happy with everything, click Checkout

The default page looks like this

See where your branding could appear here


The checkout will open up in a pop-up

This is provided by Stripe - we never see your card information

Complete the transaction and we'll update your number of available signatures, and branding for future signatures if applicable

Logo/branding URL

The easiest way to get a URL for your branding is by right-clicking the banner image on your own website and choosing Copy image address.

Or see how you can host your own image with Google Drive

If you're having trouble getting this working, contact us, including a link to your website, and we'll see if we can get one for you

If you're buying $10 or more, you can email us the actual image file and we'll host and link it for you

More information

Can they be used on more than one Form?


Your signature balance is tied to your Google account's email address. It's effectively a pool from which any of your Forms can draw upon

So you can have as many Multiple Signatures Forms as you like, and they're all working from the same single balance of signatures

Single Signatures consume one signature straight away so as long as you've got at least one in your balance, you can create a new Single Signature

Can I turn on signatures on someone else's Form?


If you've been given edit access, and can add more contributors/editors, you can use the add-on and turn on signing. The signing will use your signatures balance, not the Form creator's

Can I transfer signatures to someone else?

Yes! Open "Other actions" and enter the recipient and amount to transfer. You'll have to be exact about the recipient, including capitalization (as it appears for them when they open the add-on)