Add Single signature

Usage: A Google Form for one specific person only

See Multiple Signatures for One Google Form given out to many people

Add signatory details

Here, enter your signatory's email address and full name

There are two options to notify the signatory

Email them for me

We'll send them an email with a link to get to the form. If your user doesn't have a Google account, this is the only option available

I'll contact them myself

We don't send the signatory anything. You'll be given a link which you can send to your signatory in your own personalised way

You can retrieve this link at any time from the See pending function in the add-on

You don't need to keep the link secure - only the recipient will be able to sign

Where possible we recommend this option, it offers slightly higher security and lets you have a personal touch

Preview email

When "Email them for me" is selected, you can open a preview to see exactly what the email will look like

Change approval message

A new checkbox item will be added with an "approval message"

By default this is "I have read and accepted this document. <signatory's name>"

If you'd like to set your own, you can click this button

Enable Response Receipts

Optional - highly recommended

For the signatory's best experience, we recommend you set Collect email addresses and Response receipts to Always

When the signatory submits the form, they get a full copy emailed to them

We aren't able to set this for you unfortunately

Click the Cog icon in your Form to get this menu

Signature added

When you confirm your signatory's details, we:

  • Add our signature bot as an Editor on the form

The bot waits for the signature to be created, then uses its Editor right to append the signature. Finally, it removes itself from your document

  • Add signing sections

We add our sections to the end of your from. You can edit these, as long as you keep the link available and retain an empty section at the end

  • If Email them for me is the selected notification method, we'll email your signatory with a link to complete the form

Our link contains a code that's unique to the recipient

  • If I'll contact them myself is selected, we won't send the signatory anything

You'll be given a link which you can send to your signatory yourself

  • Consume one of your available signatures

Cancel request

Now that the form has a signature pending, the Add single signature and Accept multiple signatures buttons have been replaced with a Cancel signatures button

See more about cancelling