How to get started

In your Google Form, click the ellipses to open the menu

Then click Add-ons...

The Google Add-on marketplace will open

Search for "signature" and pick the app with our logo

Read the security prompts and accept

Does the Install button do nothing?

Please see our Troubleshooting note

Now in your Form you'll have a little jigsaw icon. This is where you access any Form Add-ons you have installed. You might just have Signature listed

Click Signature, then Start

  • No "Start"? Try the jigsaw-piece again. It just needs to wait until the whole Form's loaded

  • Is there a pop-up telling you about mixed accounts? Please see our Troubleshooting note

Then click Log in

  • Until you click Log in we have none of your data

  • When you click Log in, we will ask Google for your email address - this is used to label your account

  • You can read more on that page by scrolling down

Using the add-on

Now you've got the side-bar open, there are a few buttons

New product with some great features - help is a work in progress

A quick way to add your own signature to your Form

This option will appear when your Form is currently awaiting signatures

Help - opens this page

Signing a document

The person who requested the signature picked one of three options

Single Signature

Watch on YouTube

The signatory will be sent an email from us

Watch on YouTube

We won't send the signatory anything

We won't send the signatory anything

Multiple Signatures classic

Validating a signature

Visit our Verify signature page