A streamlined, real signature experience for Google Forms

10 signatures on installing, then 3 for free every month - so give it a try!

Need more then 3 in a month? They're just 15c USD each - and you can set your own logo on the signing page

Or bulk pricing at 5c USD

Run a school or charitable organisation? Get in touch for special pricing!

Contracts, agreements, onboarding, and anything else you can think of can now have a slick, totally modern, on-any-device signing process

Install through the Google Add-on store in Google Forms

We do nearly everything on our phones, but PDF's are still incredibly awkward to navigate

When it comes to signing one, it usually means just skipping to the signing section because it's exhausting to read the whole thing. A signature might be PKI-certified, but did they really understand what they were signing?

Google Forms allow you to rapidly make a mobile-friendly, interactive experience. We've enhanced this already great platform with the ability to sign on-screen

Greater engagement means a higher level of confidence in, and understanding of the content. A better informed signature is well, better!

Feel free to get in touch

October 2020

Privacy improvement - Single Signatures

As of 8:00am on 4 October London time, we no longer store the name and email address of your signatory when using Single Signatures.

We still perform the exact same verification process, but store 100% of the data within the Form itself! Your users' details don't touch our database at all.

We'll contact Form Owners with an upgrade path for your existing Forms in the coming weeks.

This is part of our ongoing mission to reduce the amount of information we hold. Other products privacy:

  • Multiple Signatures (new) was built with zero storage so is already highly privacy oriented

  • Multiple Signatures (Classic) would only store items as a last-resort backup, but is being revamped so this isn't needed

Custom "approval message" for Single Signatures

When a Form has "Single Signature" activated, a new checkbox item is added with an approval message. To date this has been "I have read and accepted this document. <signatory's name>".

We've now added a button so you can customise this!

Other updates

We're still working on a platform update, but will continue to add small improvements as we go!

September 2020

Platform updates

You might not see any major updates this month (or next!), as we're working on migrating over to a new platform.

This will result in a number of improvements. Foremost will be the re-introduction of Multiple Signatures Classic! as well as shorter links, more capacity, and a better base for our future updates.

Small UI tweaks

We've added a couple of little user interface adjustments in the add-on itself:

  • "Dashboard" link for all active Forms in your "See pending" area

  • Indicator of the number of active Forms you have on the "See pending" button itself

July/August review

We've received your feedback in the July/August survey and are working on implementing some of the key features.

August 2020

Multiple Signatures Classic small updates

We've added a couple of polish touches to the Multiple Signatures Classic signing page:

The "Name and email" box notes those details are optional, and has a "Skip" button, as well as a "?" which opens a help panel.

The help panel is also opened from the new "?" button beside the "Confirm Signature button" too.

The help panel briefly clarifies that the name and email are only used on this signature, and has a button to amend them. It also notes how to draw a signature.

Multiple Signatures Classic Dashboard updated

Use response answers in the email

You can now add any details from your Form's Responses in the email template - i.e. if you asked for a name, you can include that in your template to add even more personalization

Preview the email

See what details an email will have for any "Pending" row in your Response Sheet

Save your custom template

Save your own template and load it again for the next time you visit

Choose your own email provider

Choose from Gmail,, or Yahoo, or use the default option to let your PC decide.

Muptiple Signatures (Classic) customizations

You can now use the Dashboard to toggle showing or hiding:

The initial "Name and email" box

The "Skip" button on the "Name and email" box

The link to submit another response

Carousel imageCarousel image

July 2020

Strongly recommended for Multiple Signatures: Replace your Form after 500 signatures

We've had one report of a Response Sheet refusing to receive signatures after it received 570 or so. This is a very rare problem, but we'd rather avoid it entirely!

Forms and Sheets work fastest when they don't have a large number of responses, and they don't use up your Drive space, so there's no downside to switching to a new Form on occasion.

You can also use the Form Templates Gallery and add your own template to make the changeover smooth and fast.

Update planning - poll

Use the poll to see what we're planning, and add your voice about what we should focus on. Also any other ideas you think of - no idea is a bad idea!

Classic dashboard - filtering Signatures drawn but not placed

Making life easier for large Forms

June 2020

Rapidly view and print your signed responses one by one, or all together as a list. A table-style view is being developed also.

You can visit the dashboard by viewing any existing signature, and clicking the "Dashboard" button at the top right.

Renamed: "Multiple Signatures Beta" is now "Multiple Signatures"

We'll still call it Multiple Signatures (new) for a while.

Camera capability - Multiple Signatures (new)

You can now use your device's camera with Multiple Signatures Beta!

This is a great way to include photo of ID's, or other documents, or for any other purpose you can think of.

Find the Camera button in the menu area when signing. Remember to use the arrow buttons to add more signatures or photos, or use the QR code or TinyURL.

Verification - Multiple Signatures (new)

The verification process is being fine tuned and we're working on making it faster. If you've received a response recently, you'll see that all responses will show the verification results properly when you visit the link under the "Signature" column header in your Response Sheet.

Dashboard - Multiple Signatures (new)

We're working on a handy dashboard for your responses so you'll be able to rapidly flip through your responses without returning to your Response Sheet.

It will also include a whole-page mode (replacing "show inline" in the Classic version), which will let you see all of your responses and signatures all together.

Looking forward:

File uploads

Multiple Signatures (new) is incompatible with the standard File Upload question (as it requires the respondent to be logged-in to their Google account). We're looking at a way to allow uploads with signatures.

May 2020

Multiple Signatures major update - FREE for May 2020!

We've taken feedback about the Multiple Signatures product and built a new version from the ground up.

It's totally free for the month of May 2020 so you can use it as much as you like. Let us know what you think of it!

Extra "Signature" questions add to the Form 12/13 May

If you turned on signing around this time you may have noticed a "Signature" question was added too many times - apologies for this! A versioning quirk meant a sample of old code was still being run. This loop has been closed.

You can delete the excess questions, leaving just one "Signature" question. In the Spreadsheet, you can delete all of the extra "Signature" answer columns that don't have responses. It'll prevent you from deleting the one that relates to the remaining question in the Form.

Verification saying "Could not verify..."

The verification checker has been updated. Keep receiving responses and the update will happen automatically for you.

Key new features:

  • Signature is drawn before the end of the Form

    • No missed signatures - users can't finish the Form without signing

    • No link at the end - you can write your own message

    • Users will know immediately if they can sign the Form. No more reaching the end, only to find there aren't any signatures available

  • Receive many signatures in a single response

    • For example, the whole team can sign the site report

    • Can be limited

  • Signing transfer/hand-off/sharing to other devices

    • The signing page includes a QR code so you can sign on another device

    • Useful if you're using a PC for the Form, but want to sign with your phone

    • Works with many signatures per response, so for example you can get your team to use their own devices to sign! Great for remaining contact-less

  • Works with other popular add-ons

    • formMule and Autocrat are incredibly popular add-ons - so we've built with these in mind

    • We're writing guides for common usage scenarios. Check back in the How-to section for more details

  • View signature link

    • The link to view the signature now includes much more details including questions and answers signed, and validation of these details

  • Validation

    • We've re-written our validation protocol to be much more robust. Whenever the signature is viewed, it's re-checked against the original details

    • If you turn "Response receipts" on, your end users will receive this link and can print their own copy. It's styled to look like a Response in Google Forms

  • Overall speed improvement: Signatures are appended immediately. No more waiting as in the Classic version

Subscription options underway

We've also been asked about a subscription option for unlimited signatures. We started with a pure pre-pay system in mind, but can how useful an unlimited plan would be.

Expect to see this as an option in the near future! Let us know your thoughts on plan options, pricing, or anything else. We appreciate all feedback and some of the best ideas have come from users like yourself!

Translation tweaks

As translation is based on Google's translate, some words and phrases might be incorrect. In some other cases you might prefer to use English. So the translation will be fine tuned, and made optional for many pages.


We've made a Facebook page for the add-on. You can hop on there and share any ideas or suggestions, and get some feedback from the community!

Multi-line personal message

The Single Signature personal message box now lets you add line breaks so you can make it even better.

Carousel imageCarousel imageCarousel image

April 2020

International translations

We're really excited to bring translations to the add-on!

This has been a goal since day 1.

There may be some quirks, so please let us know any aspects of your localised/translated experience that aren't up to standard.

Mail merge tools

If you use Google Sheets mail merge tools like formMule, you won't have been able to send a signature image.

Now from the Manage Multiple Signatures dashboard you can generate a column of links that you can share and use with these mail merge add-ons.

Multi signature branding

Your newly purchased branding will be applied to existing Multiple Signature Forms straight away. Previously you would need to turn signing off and on again.

Email redesign

  • add a personal message

  • preview in the app

We've updated the signature invitation email to look more like Google Forms.

They're also sent in your own language, not just in English.

You can add your own message which will be included in the email from us.

And you can Preview exactly what's going to be sent!

March 2020

Multiple Signature - Submit another response

A small quality of life improvement for reception desks, conferences, meetings and other "sign-in" type users. Anywhere you're using one device to be used by more than one person.

When signed, you're now given a link to "Submit another response". This takes you to the Form ready to use again!

February 2020

Multiple Signature individual review

We've made a cool new feature which lets you review, print, and manage individual signatures and responses

There's too much to cover here - please read more!

January 2020

Multiple Signature Dashboard easier to visit

The "Signature App - signed" column header in your Response Sheet is now a link to the Multiple Signature Dashboard

We're adding features there and think you'll visit it a bit more

New Dashboard features

You can now:

  • Show signatures on the main Response Sheet

    • Useful if you didn't check that option when setting up, but want them there now

    • Or if you've removed some yourself and want to put them back in

  • Delete signatures from the main Response Sheet

    • If it's getting ungainly and you don't really need to see them inline anymore

    • If you've deleted a row, you'll note the signature isn't also deleted and can mess up the order

    • If they're generally out of alignment, you can remove them and then use the Show signatures on Responses Tab button to put them back in in the right place

    • The source signatures (saved in their own tabs) are unaffected; it's just the presentation of the main Response Sheet tab

We're working on a few more features here to make life easier. Watch this space!

November 2019

Multiple Signature "Pending" handling made easy

Pending links have been updated - please give them a try if you have any

They'll take you to a new dashboard where you can review any signatures we're holding, and very easily send reminder emails with two clicks!

Speed and reliability patches implemented

The speed has been drastically improved so your users won't feel like they're waiting around

Other updates

If a user tries to submit a blank signature, they'll be stopped and asked to draw something first

Single Signature "I'll let them know another way" mode has been improved to make things clearer for people that have a few accounts logged-in at the same time

October 2019 update

Focusing on Multiple Signatures this month

Filling in the blanks

If there are any gaps or missing signatures, we'll fill in blanks with "Pending" links

You can send the link to your signatory or have them sign on your screen

#ERROR self-fix

Some locales used to get big ugly #ERROR results - the data was fine, but the links weren't formatted correctly for the region

Now the links are self-healing!

Both of the above occur on the next multi-signature response

September 2019 update

Single signature update

Pictures to come - we've made huge usability changes to single signatures

Now, signatories can't accidentally finish your Form without adding a signature. And instead of having to open links and tabs, then return to the Form, it's all packaged on a single page

All new Single Signatures will have this new experience and we're really pleased with how smooth it is - give it a try!

Price reduction and bulk rate

Multiple Signatures have proved quite popular. We have lower storage requirements for these, so are happy to be able to pass on the savings to you

We've also added a bulk-buy option, and plan to extend this range

See pending

Along with the Single Signatures update, we've added more detail and features to allow you to better manage your signatories

Including reminder emails, and logs of when you last contacted them

AUGUST 2019 Update

We didn't expect to have to re-write for a new database this month. But it's a blessing in disguise

Pending multiple signatures

If someone uses your Form but doesn't sign, no problem. There will be a "Pending" link which you can send to them


No more lag when opening the add-on!

No signature

We've added instructions to the relevant signing page to avoid the No Signature page when you know you've got one waiting

Cancelling a single signature

We refund you one of your available signatures if you need to cancel it before it's complete

Multiple Signature response sheets now include a unique link for every response

July 2019 update

What a great month!

Big new feature

Multiple Signatures - get many signatures on one Form. Great for sign-ups, or any case where one Form to one signatory isn't the best fit

See how Multiple Signatures compares to Single Signature

Also - they're free until 1 August

Other stuff

We've cleaned-up the user interface to look brighter and lighter

The actual signature is now visibly sharper, and you can do tiny little dots! No more slightly-drag-to-dot

Auto-refresh. If you're the first in your region to use the add-on in a little while, it can be a bit sluggish to start. Now it re-loads itself if it's taking too long

Current status

All going smoothly


Incorrect display

  • 23 September 2019 | Add-on and some signing pages displayed incorrectly

Advised the display-library providers at 00:03 GMT

Resolved at 05:00 GMT

Back-end actions timing out

  • 18 August 2019 | Some delays in data handling be back end services manifested as problems with multiple-signatures not appearing

  • 19 August 2019 | Bug report with Google, another developer has noted the same

  • 24 August 2019 | Google working on bug but have no answers

  • 2 September 2019 | No resolution in sight: Relaunch with new back end services and a major rewrite of the add-on

Unable to append a drawn signature

    • 14 June 2019 | We have detected a bug which prevents us from adding the signature image to Google Forms

Users could draw their signature, and click Confirm Signature. The window will dim but the user won't receive the notice saying they can continue. We have now added notices to the signing pages

We have located the issue and reported it to Google

    • 15 June 2019 | Other Google Script users have come across the same issue and reported to Google

    • 17 June 2019 | Increasing number of users noting that they have encountered the problem in their projects

    • 18 June 2019 | Google have acknowledged their error and are working to fix it

    • 21 June 2019 | Resolved!